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Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy


The Alphabet of Life

Listen to MISD’s Director of Training, Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy, Ph.D., describe the importance of “The Alphabet of Life”

Dr. Dubovoy is a teacher trainer, lecturer, consultant, and examiner for the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) worldwide. She has been involved in Montessori education since 1965 as a parent, board member and coordinator of her children’s school. Dr. Dubovoy has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Barcelona as well as the AMI Assistants to Infancy, Primary and Special Education diplomas. She was a board member of AMI, headquartered in Amsterdam, from 1982 until 2010 and currently serves on the AMI Research Committee and as one of the AMI representatives to the United Nations. Dr. Dubovoy’s training style is heavily influenced by her work with Dr. Carl Rogers in the field of humanistic psychology.



Montessori and Special Needs:

Inclusive Education

Excerpts from Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy’s workshop on Inclusive Education at the AMI Montessori Refresher Course in Long Beach, California.



Educación Montessori:

Preguntas y Respuestas

Ver Grabación

Si tienes ninos en tu vida y te gustaría aprender como crear ambientes simples pero profundamente efectivos que apoyen a los niños en alcanzar su maximo potencial, te invitamos a ver la grabación del último seminario que tuvimos con la Dra. Silvia Dubovoy llamado “Educación Montessori Preguntas y Repuestas”.

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy

Los temas a tartar fueron:

  • Juguetes? Porqué si y porqué no
  • Ambiente del hogar ideal para el recién nacido
  • Control de esfínteres: aprender a usar el inodoro
  • Vestimenta: escoger ropa para bebes y niños
  • Observar al niño de manera objetiva
  • Educacion bilingüe
  • Connexión entre Montessori y Funciones Ejecutivas
  • Consejos para apoyar a los niños en el desarrollo del movimiento y del lenguaje
  • Cómo llegar a ser un educador Montessori con certificación AMI.
  • Y mucho más!



Montessori and Neuroscience:

The Importance of the First Three

Years of Life

Silvia C. Dubovoy, Ph.D., Director of Training at the Montessori Institute of San Diego, reflects on the importance of the first three years of life. Click here to learn more about this online professional development opportunity with certificate.



Freedom, Obedience,

Authority, and Discipline: Q & A


Freedom, Obedience, Authority, and Discipline was an interactive online webinar. Our panelist was MISD founder, Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy.



Strategies for

Behavioral Challenges

Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy, Founder and Director of Training at MISD, and Theresa Contreras, M.F.T Behavioral Consultant, held a lively discussion about how to address children’s challenging behavior.


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Observation: A Montessori

Teacher’s Best Tool

Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy, Founder and Director of Training at MISD, discusses why observation is one of the most powerful tools a Montessori educator can use to transform his or her professional practice and overall relationship with children.

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How to Prepare a

Montessori Environment

Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy held an interactive online experience focusing on ages birth to six years. Includes Question/Answer Session. The following topics were discussed:

  • Elements of intelligent classroom design
  • The pivotal role of Montessori materials
  • Characteristics of effective adults

Companion guide (pdf)

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In-Depth Webinars



Infant and Toddler Q&A

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Presenter: Alejandra Rosas

Topics include:
  • Toys?  Why or why not
  • Ideal home environments for a newborn
  • Toilet learning (“potty training”)
  • What to wear:  clothing for very young children
  • Tips for supporting a child’s development of movement and language
  • How to become an AMI-certified Montessori educator for birth-3 years
  • And more!



Birth to Six Q&A

Do you work with infants, toddlers, or young children? View our Birth to Six Q&A, a live webinar guided by particpants’ questions. Our panelists were Cristina De Leon and Alejandra Rosas, two MISD faculty with decades of Montessori experience and an abiding love for children.


Topics included:
  • Toys? Why or why not
  • Ideal home environments for a newborn
  • Toilet learning (“potty training“)
  • What to wear: clothing for very young children
  • Tips for supporting a child’s development of movement and language
  • Observing the child objectively
  • Bilingual immersion
  • How to become an AMI-certified Montessori educator
  • And more!



Primary (3-6) Q&A

Our panelist was Cristina De Leon, a beloved MISD teacher trainer with decades of Montessori experience and an abiding love for children, who answered participant questions!

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Topics included:

  • Observing the child objectively
  • Transitioning to/from other environments– toddler, elementary, non-Montessori
  • Tips for supporting a child’s development of movement and language
  • Parent education
  • Bilingual immersion
  • How to become an AMI-certified Montessori educator for 3-6 years
  • And more!



Primary (3-6) Q&A

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Presenter: Dr. Silvia C. Dubovoy



Supporting Independence:

Birth to Three Years

Today, babies and toddlers often find themselves confined to cribs or strollers, and relegated to the sidelines as the well-meaning adults in their life “help” them with tasks they would happily do by themselves.  What if these children were given the opportunity to act more independently and learn from firsthand experiences in their environment?  What kind of adults would they become?

Topics included:
  • “Help me to help myself!”
  • Enriching everyday language
  • Movement mat & floor bed
  • Clothing with a purpose
  • Limited choices
  • Cooking & eating
  • Toilet learning with dignity
  • Q&A with the experts


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Discover AMI Training at MISD



Online Alumni Panels!

Learn about the MISD Training

experience and life after


“Should I watch all three?”


There was a different selection of panelists with different insights into the training for each panel

Alumni panel #1

View panelist biographies (pdf)

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Alumni Panel #2

View panelist biographies (pdf)

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Alumni Panel #3

view panelist biographies (pdf)

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Our first series of Online Alumni Panels gathered MISD alumni from all over the world who told their stories and answered participants’ questions.

  • Montessori educators— toddler, primary, lower & upper elementary
  • Filmmaker
  • Montessori school administrator
  • Owner of an online family consulting business
  • School consultant– inclusive education
  • Montessori teacher training administrator
  • Graduate school professor
  • Television producer
  • And more!


We talked to our panelists about…
  • Their background and what led them to discover Montessori
  • Their experience in AMI training at MISD
  • The Montessori job market
  • Their current projects and professions

Content is directly relevant to prospective students, but many others will find these panels of interest.



Primary & Elementary with

Cristina De Leon &

Greg MacDonald

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MISD’s Primary and Elementary trainers came together for a webinar that included the following topics:

  • Why Montessori is beneficial to children
  • Their personal and professional journeys
  • Content of training courses
  • Is there a typical MISD student?
  • Employment opportunities (International and domestic)
  • Q & A with webinar participants



Student Perspectives &


“MISD is special…it feels like home.” Listen to Maria Nesterova from Russia describe her journey to become an AMI trained Montessori guide at the Montessori Institute of San Diego.


“I am so proud of myself!” Listen to Sok Lim Than from Cambodia describe her experience as an international student at MISD.


Past and current students describe their time at MISD



Summer 2016 Slideshow

A peek at what our Assistants to Infancy, Primary, Elementary, and Inclusive Education courses were up to in the summer of 2016.



Elementary Videos