Medical Documents

The ongoing pandemic has changed the necessity of certain forms. Contact administration for more information:

Medical Document Requirements

For New Students


One week before the start of your course you will be required to submit the following documents:

2023 MISD medical form (pdf download, coming soon)


  1. Whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine record
  2. Measles vaccine record
  3. Negative tuberculosis test no older than one year
  4. Covid Vaccine Records

These documents are required a week before the start of your course. MISD recommends trying to gather the records as soon as possible, but no earlier than a year before the start of your course. If your tuberculosis tine test is older than one year, you will be required to have a new test.

Do not wait until your arrival in San Diego to begin this task. Depending on your situation, it could take more than a month to obtain the necessary documents.

How can I obtain these


Look at the following statements to see which most closely matches your individual situation and to see what documents you must submit:

I have already had the vaccine(s):

You should check with your primary care physician, parents, or childhood doctor to see if they have the records.

If you can’t locate the records, have a blood test done to determine immunity. Submit the blood test results with a physician statement explaining the results.

I have not had the vaccine(s):

Speak to your physician about receiving the vaccines and make sure to get a record that the vaccines were administered. We can accept records in Spanish, but require official translations for all other languages. It’s not recommended to wait to receive the vaccines and TB test until you arrive in San Diego if traveling from outside the area, unless you arrive more than a week before the course.

We can also accept a written statement from a licensed physician declaring that because of your physical condition or medical circumstances, immunization is not safe.

I have had a tuberculosis vaccine:

We do not accept Tuberculosis vaccine records. You must submit a negative tuberculosis test no older than one year before the start of the course. If you have had the vaccine, you will be required to have a chest x-ray to determine if you are TB negative as the common tine test will return a false positive.

Why we ask for these documents

The Sounds of Pertussis

During the academic year training, you are observing and practice teaching children who might not have had or might not be able to have vaccines. It’s a legal requirement that you have up to date vaccinations or exemptions to protect these children and your adult colleagues from easily preventable diseases. Please take the time to obtain the appropriate records.

During the summer training, you might not see any children, but infants who are too young to receive the vaccines do come on campus for observations. These are serious diseases and we all need to do our part to protect each other and the very vulnerable children in our care.

These records are a California state requirement for preschool and day care workers. You will not be allowed to practice teach or observe in California preschools unless you have the appropriate documents. You can read more here: SB 792, Mendoza. Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions.

Accommodations for Disabilities

Students are required to self-identify as a person with a disability in order to request a disability accommodation. By submitting the “Disability Accommodation Request” form, you are beginning an interactive process with MISD administration to determine reasonable accommodations. Please submit this request as soon as possible to allow time for the accommodation(s) to be arranged.

Disability Accommodation Request (pdf download)