Tuition & Fees

All courses require a non-refundable application fee. Upon acceptance, MISD will require a $1,000 tuition deposit, which serves to secure your space in the course. In addition, international students are required to pay a $500 international student fee.

Wondering what students do with their diploma after graduation? Be sure to check out our recently recorded webinar featuring nine graduates talking about training and what comes after: Alumni Panel #1



Primary (Academic Year) 2019-20: $12,900
Primary Academic Year Payment Plans



Assistants to Infancy (2-Modules) 2020-2021: $13,500
A to I 2-Modules Payment Plans

Primary (2-summers) 2020-2021: $13,500
Primary 2-summer Payment Plans

Primary Academic Year 2020-2021: $13,500
Primary Academic Year 2020-2021 Payment Plans

Foundation 2020: $1,650
Elementary 3-summers 2021-2023: $17,000
Elementary 3-summers Payment Plans



Elementary 3-summers 2021-2023: $17,000
Foundation 2021: $1,650
Elementary 3-summers Payment Plans


 You’ll have the option to choose your payment plan when registering for our tuition payment service (Smart Tuition).

Additional Expenses

Please budget the following additional amounts for books, supplies, student expenses, future classroom materials, and transportation to observation and practice teaching:

  • Assistants to Infancy, $900-$1600
  • Primary, $700-$1400
  • Elementary, $2,300-$3,000
  • Inclusive Education, $400-$1100

Students beginning a Mandarin translation course in 2020 will incur a translation fee of $1500/module.

Scholarship Opportunities
AMI/USA accepts MES (Margaret Elizabeth Stephenson) Fund, Inc. financial aid submissions until May 1st of the year your coursework begins. There are two parts to the application process: the online MES Fund application and the CSS Financial Aid Profile. For more information about the MES Fund, Inc. and the application process, please visit the AMI/USA website at:


The Dr. Silvia Dubovoy Scholarship Application is available for download.  The application deadline is May 1st of each year.   This is a merit-based scholarship for $1,500 which takes into consideration demonstrated financial need as a secondary factor.  All incoming MISD students (domestic and international) are eligible.



I am very happy with the guides that have come from MISD.  I know that is the best training they can have.”
– Graciela Aguado, The Learning Nest
Discount Policy for Schools
The following discounts apply to schools who pay MISD directly for a student’s entire tuition:

For schools sponsoring two or more students attending MISD programs starting in 2019, tuition is discounted by 5% for each student, beginning with the 2nd student. The discount is applied to the students with the lowest tuition. In order for a school to claim its discount, send an email to Fernando Castillo with the names of the students the school is sponsoring, and the programs they are attending, by June 1, 2019.

Hiring an MISD graduate was a perfect fit for our school.  I am impressed with her deep knowledge and understanding of the materials…”
– Monica MacDonald, Nature’s Way Montessori