International Students

Pandemic related policies for international students ceased on May 11, 2023. I-20s are no longer allowed to be issued or transfered for online portions of the course. Contact if you have questions.

International Students Welcome!

MISD is a Student and Exchange Visitor Program certified school and can provide a Form I-20 to support your student visa to study in the United States. At MISD we welcome international students from around the world. Our students and alumni are a diverse community, from all countries and backgrounds, united by a common philosophy. Upon graduation, many of our alumni find positions at Montessori schools in the United States and ultimately choose to stay in this country. Many also choose to return to their home countries, or seek positions in other countries around the world, bringing with them the knowledge that they have gained to enrich the global community of Montessori educators.

Click here to access the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and to apply for a student visa through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

MISD will not enroll any international student on a tourist visa. If you arrive on a tourist visa, you will be asked to leave the course. If you have questions about if we can accept a specific visa, please email


Admissions Overview

International students incur an additional $500 International Student Fee, payable to MISD.

New for 2023: Now accepting Duolingo English Test! (minimum score of 115 required)

Unless otherwise indicated, all classes at the Montessori Institute of San Diego are given in English. International students from non-English speaking countries must take either the TOEFL – Designated Institution Code: B720 – (Internet- 80, Paper Based 550) or the IELTS (overall band score 6.5), unless they hold a degree from a university OR AMI training center in a primarily English-speaking country. Students enrolled in approved translation courses are not required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS score. Please direct any questions to

  1. Submit your application online
  2. Submit any supplemental materials for your application (official transcripts, recommendation letters, English test scores)
  3. We are aware it is difficult for some international students to obtain official transcripts, but we are unable to waive this requirement.
  4. If you are accepted, please see the instructions for obtaining your visa below:

F-1 visa Process:

  1. Be accepted to MISD
  2. Fill out the “International Student Form” (the form will be available about five months prior to the start of the course. If you’ve been accepted, you will receive an announcement by email.)
  3. Pay your $500 International Student Fee (see instructions in your admissions letter)
  4. When you receive your I-20, check the information carefully and sign the form in blue ink
  5. Schedule an interview appointment at your nearest consulate or embassy (wait times for interview appointments vary by location, season, and visa category; apply for your visa early)
    1. Visa Appointment and Processing Wait Times
  6. Fill out, pay and print the receipt for I-901 SEVIS Form ( The fee for this form is $350.
  7. Fill, pay, and print the receipt for Visa Application Form DS-160 ( The fee for this form is $160.00

Bring these items to the visa interview:

  1. Printed receipt of I-901 Form
  2. Printed receipt of DS-160 Form
  3. Valid passport
  4. I-20 Form (sent by MISD)
  5. Financial information to demonstrate you have the amount needed to pay for your studies abroad (bank statements and/or letters of sponsorship from all sources of financial backing paying your tuition for the course)
  6. You might be asked to bring papers or proof that you have every intention of returning to your home country following your training
  7. You might also be asked to bring transcripts and diplomas of your past studies

Embassies and consulates vary in what they require for international student visas. Please check with your consulate or embassy to see what is required of you.

Downloadable instructions: Steps for Acquiring F-1 Visa for International Students

*If you have any questions regarding the process of applying for a student visa, please contact us at*

因新冠疫情调整的sevis国际留学生相关政策已经于 2023 年 5 月 11 日终止,不再允许为课程的线上授课部分发出或转 I-20。如果你有任何问题,请通过电子邮件与我们联系




MISD不会录取任何以旅游签证的国际学生。如果你以旅游签证来参加课程,你将被要求离开课程。如果你对我们是否可以接受特定签证有疑问, 请通过此电子邮件与我们联系



2023 年更新:MISD 现接受多邻国英语能力考试 !(要求最低分数为 115)

除非另有说明,MISD课程均以英文授课。从非英语国家来的留学生,必须参加托福考试 (指定机构代码:B720,网考成绩要达到80、纸考成绩要达到550); 如果是雅思,则要求达到6.5,除非你在英语国家的大学以英语完成课程并拿到学位,或在一个主要说英语的国家的 AMI 培训中心拿到证书。报名参加翻译课程的学生无需提交托福或雅思成绩。如有任何疑问,请通过此电子邮件与我们联系

  1. 网上提交你的申请表格
  2. 提交其他申请文件(官方成绩单,推荐信,英语考试成绩)
  3. 我们知道一些国际学生很难拿到官方成绩单,但是我们无法豁免这一要求。
  4. 如果你被录取,请参阅以下获取学生签证的说明:


  1. 被MISD录取
  2. 填写“国际学生表格”(此表格将在课程开始约五个月前提供。如果你的申请被录取,你会通过电子邮件收到通知。)
  3. 支付500美元的国际学生费用(请参阅录取通知书中的说明)
  4. 收到I-20表格时,请仔细检查表格上的信息并在表格上使用蓝色墨水笔签名。
  5. 在你居住地最近的领事馆或大使馆预约签证面试(面试的等待时间因地点,季节和签证类别而异;请尽早申请签证)
    1. 签证预约和等待时间
  6. 填写,付款并打印I-901 SEVIS表格的收据(。此表格的费用为 350美元。
  7. 填写,付款并打印签证申请表DS-160的收据(。此表格的费用为160美元。


  1. I-901表格的收据
  2. DS-160表格的收据
  3. 有效护照
  4. 由MISD发出的I-20表格
  5. 财务证明:以证明你有足够的资金出国留学(银行对账单和/或来自所有财务来源的赞助信,用于支付课程学费) 
  6. 可能会要求你提供证明,证明你打算在培训后返回自己的祖国
  7. 可能还会要求你过去的学习成绩单和文凭/证书