The MISD Advantage

At MISD, our exceptional Montessori trainers have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

“Dr. Dubovoy and Cristina put more of themselves into you as a student that you could ever imagine. Their endless wisdom, patience and love are an inspiration and will leave you feeling invigorated and inquisitive each and every day.” – Lauren, Primary class of 2012

MISD is honored to have Dr. Silvia Dubovoy as its Director of Training. Dr. Dubovoy is a brilliant, energetic Montessorian who has been involved with Montessori education in many capacities since 1965. She earned her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Barcelona, and spent several years studying and collaborating with Dr. Carl R. Rogers, a leading humanistic psychologist. Dr. Dubovoy was recently interviewed on the subject of how children develop their personalities:

The Alphabet of Life from Montessori Guide on Vimeo.

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy, PhD, on the personality of the child. For more, go to

Though she no longer practices psychology, Dr. Dubovoy continues to be an active intellectual, and in particular does all she can to support Montessori’s theory as it relates to the field of neuroscience. She is a member of several organizations pursuing theoretical work, such as the AMI Research Committee Group and the Neurosciences Institute in La Jolla, CA, and regularly attends neuroscience symposiums and conferences both in the United States and abroad. As you can imagine, her lectures are sprinkled with fascinating discoveries in neuroscience that support Dr. Montessori’s theories.

In short, Dr. Dubovoy is one of the most passionate educators you will ever have the privilege of meeting. When she speaks, you will hold your breath for fear of missing a word!

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Our Montessori “guides” undergo a remarkable spiritual transformation, as their understanding of the role of the teacher in the classroom changes…

At MISD, we call teachers “guides” in order to highlight the unique role of the teacher in the Montessori classroom, as opposed to the more traditional teacher role that is prevalent in our society today. Montessori educators do not stand in front of classrooms and lecture to rows of students at desks. Rather, Montessori classrooms are home-like, child-centered places, where the teacher’s very careful preparation and groundwork allow her to fade into the background. From behind the scenes, the Montessori guide gently and subtly influences the happy hum of activity in her classroom. She moves around the room, stopping here to challenge a child with a new presentation or there to redirect a child who has gotten off track. She takes as much time as she can to carefully observe each individual child, writing thoughtful notes that help her to guide each child in his process of learning and growth.

This is a very different way of thinking about the classroom, and it requires an entirely different mindset. We will guide you to adopt this perhaps unfamiliar mindset as you move through the program, and encourage you in your process of self-study and self-realization. You will learn how to treat each individual child with respect, and how to “get out of the way” of the child’s own, self-directed process of discovery.


…while benefiting from a rigorous program of practical training, which prepares them for the reality of the classroom.

The rigorous course of study at MISD provides a thorough grounding in the use of Montessori materials, the ability to prepare and manage a Montessori classroom environment, and practical tips for how to deal with common scenarios that arise with children. The student teaching portion of the training is an important practical application of what you will learn. And the beautiful set of albums that you will be guided to write and hand-illustrate will be an invaluable resource that you will keep at your side throughout your career as a Montessori teacher.

“My experience at MISD doing the Primary training yielded so much more than educational results. It was a real journey that changed my life for the better in so many ways. The people I met in the training, the knowledge I acquired and the exceptional guidance by Dr. Dubovoy enriched my life and transformed me. I have just completed my first year as a guide and the training prepared me both spiritually and academically to guide children in their education for life. I would recommend MISD to anyone looking to embark on a journey to better themselves and become a part of the Montessori community.” – Katherine, Primary class of 2011


Enjoy beautiful, sunny San Diego!

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Without a doubt, the most significant resource at MISD is our competent, caring team of trainers.  But don’t forget the other big advantage—location, location, location!  The Montessori Institute of San Diego is nestled in the hillside of one of California’s most beloved beach towns: La Jolla.  If you have a choice, why not study somewhere gorgeous.

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